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   Welcome to Findlay. (2017). 

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Welcome to Our Website!

     Welcome to the website of the Fort Findlay Chapter NSDAR! We are located in Hancock County, Ohio. If you are visiting this site, you may already be a Daughter, or maybe you want to become a Daughter. What better way to honor our heritage and the freedoms we enjoy, than to belong to a group dedicated to preserving what makes our country so great. We hope you will join us as we celebrate the past, actively participate in the present, and work to pass along this great tradition to future generations. Click on any link to learn more about us and our efforts.

Today's Fort Findlay

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How to Become a Member

DAR members come from a variety of backgrounds and interests, but all of our members have an ancestor who contributed to the Revolutionary War. Patriot ancestors were  men and women who were soldiers, privateers, businessmen, and others who contributed to the independence effort. Any woman 18 years or older, regardless of race, religion, or ethnic background, who can prove lineal descent from a patriot of the American Revolution is eligible to join. Think you have a qualified ancestor? Need help checking that out? Visit the DAR website, or contact our Regent for more information.

Kimberly Reichert Chambers, Regent

The National Society Daughters of the American Revolution NSDAR or DAR is a non-profit, volunteer women's organization comprising 3,000 chapters and over 190,000 members.  

Calendar of Events

In Memory


Photo courtesy of Maria Cole.

The Fort Findlay DAR website is dedicated in memory of:

 Dr. Arleathia Carter Williams

Dr. Arleathia Carter Williams was one of the first African-American women to take the oath of membership at National Headquarters in Washington, D.C. She was also the first African-American member of the Fort Findlay Chapter NSDAR. On March 27, 2004, the mayor of Findlay issued a proclamation to declare this day as Arleathia Williams Day for the City of Findlay, Ohio. 

Header image © Richard Neuman, used with permission.

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